Meet the Staff

The credit union staff consists of a combination of part-time and full-time employees as well as volunteers.

General StaffGeneral Staff

  • Conn Collins - General Manager
  • Orla Ennis
  • Therese Brennan
  • Anne Whyte (volunteer)
  • Sharon Daly
  • Dionne Baker
  • Marie-Clare de Chaumont

Conn Collins - General Manager

  • Conn Collins has been associated with Blackrock Credit Union for over 30 years as Member, Director, Treasurer and for the past several years as our Manager.
  • Conn Collins - General ManagerConn is an Accountant by profession and splits his time between the Credit Union and managing his own established Accountancy and Tax practice in Blackrock.
  • His inherent personal and practical skills are well suited to assisting our 4,500 members, they provide a platform for our wonderful staff to provide a quality service to our members as well as providing timely and accurate accounting information that ensures the Credit Union meets all our regulatory requirements.
  • Conn is married to Nives for over 40 years and has three grown up sons. He does like his golf and feels he should be better than he is especially as he plays twice a week. He also likes the odd few days abroad and considers that a bit of “culture “ does you no harm.

June Whyte - Teller

  • June Whyte - Teller June Whyte has been working with us in Blackrock Credit Union as a teller for over 14 years. Her bright familiar face provides a cheery welcome for all our 4,500 members no matter the weather!
  • Married to Paddy with two grown sons she spends the majority of her spare time treading the boards with the Dun Laoghaire Musical & Dramatic Society having been a member for nearly 20 years.
  • To add to this she has performed in the Pavilion and Lexicon Theatres for more years than she cares to remember and travels the world with the group competing (and winning!!) competitions on a regular basis.

Board of Directors

Blackrock Credit Union is owned by its account holders (members) and controlled by a voluntary Board of Directors elected at the AGM. The board ensures that all decisions are taken for the benefit of the members.

  • Mary Sharp (Chairperson)
  • Gerry Brennan
  • Paul Broderick
  • Ken Browne
  • Kevin Fitzgerald
  • Patrick Flynn
  • Niall O'Callaghan
  • Francesca Briody
  • Shane O'Brien


  • Carmel Brennan
  • Kevin O' Cearbhaill
  • Des Powell
  • Ricky Shannon
  • Padraig O Cearbhaill
  • Anne Whyte
  • Michael Thompson
  • Joan Mc Cudden
  • Loreto Dalton